Our Philosophy

It is the mission of our team at the Dental Clinic to provide all-round, individual treatment to our patients to meet their needs and demands. The focus is on the provision of treatment in a pleasant and relaxing, personal atmosphere. We always strive to achieve the highest possible quality, and in pursuit of this goal we apply innovative methods of treatment.

Know-how is the main foundation of our daily practice, and we are committed to the goal of developing and applying individual treatments based on the current level of knowledge in the specialist fields of dentistry. We do this by combining theory and research with the everyday business of dental treatment. This is of particular benefit to the patient.

After a thorough initial examination of the patient, we consult as a team in the interest of optimal treatment for the patient. We firmly believe in this interdisciplinary approach as the best way to define the optimal therapy and to ensure maximum transparency.

If necessary, the treatment will also involve specialists from other fields. This often takes place directly in the Dental Clinic (dermatologist, anaesthetist, physiotherapist). Furthermore, our patients benefit from our extensive network of co-operations with general practitioners and other dental specialists.