The Dental Clinic for Implantology, Periodontology and Prosthetics

The Dental Clinic for Implantology, Periodontology and Prosthetics is a new dental complex located in the "EBV Carré" in the heart of Aachen, Germany. A car park under the building provides convenient access to the surgery. The Dental Clinic is a centre of competence where various types of dental treatment can be carried out by specialists in their respective fields, all under one roof. The focus is on the provision of treatment in a pleasant and relaxing, personal atmosphere. In addition to general dental treatment, the range of therapy provided at the Dental Clinic also includes the following special areas:

■ systematic treatment of periodontal diseases and loose teeth
■ professional dental hygiene and prophylaxis
■ plastic / aesthetic correction and restoration of periodontal disorders
■ minimal-invasive filling therapy and full-ceramic restorations
■ bone reconstruction measures
■ restoration of the masticatory system with modern prosthetic restorations ...
■ ... especially by means of dental implants

The main focus of implant therapy is on improvement of the stability of dentures, restoration of fixed dentures, and high-quality cosmetic restoration of front teeth, also with computer-aided planning. Treatment under anaesthesia is also available.